Consumer Education Framework

The Consumer Education Framework is FSRA’s approach to helping you understand the financial products and services that FSRA regulates.


From pension plan members to insurance customers to credit union members, consumers have varying degrees of financial knowledge and understanding, and unique needs to make informed financial decisions.

FSRA’s Consumer Education Framework is designed to increase:

  • your knowledge – to make informed financial decisions.
  • your confidence – in the sectors we regulate.
  • your empowerment – to understand and use the rights you have.


FSRA’s Consumer Education Framework is a key deliverable of our Annual Business Plan – Protect the Public Interest, priority 1. The Framework reflects our commitment to our mandate, including contributing to public confidence and promoting public education and knowledge about the regulated sectors. FSRA considers potential consumer reach and potential consumer impact for these topics.

2021-22 Consumer education priorities

Additional education opportunities will be considered on an annual basis.