Consumer Advisory Panel Members in Attendance

Sharon Altman-Leamen
Kristian Bonn
Anish Chopra
Rhona DesRoches
Hitesh Doshi
Roger Gauthier
Harold Geller
Laura Tamblyn Watts

Special Guests in Attendance

Caroline Cakebread
Laurie Drake

FSRA Management in Attendance

Glen Padassery – EVP, Policy and Chief Consumer Officer
Judy Pfeifer – Chief Public Affairs Officer
David Bartucci – Director, Policy – Pensions
Daniel Padro – Director, Policy – Credit Union
Taryn Pimento – Director, Policy – Consumer Office
Antoinette Leung – Head, Financial Institutions and Mortgage Brokerage Conduct


  • The Panel and FSRA discussed FSRA’s approach to consumer stakeholder engagement and FSRA’s Market Conduct Framework (MCF) for the credit union sector.

Discussion Topics of Focus

Welcome and Meeting Overview

  • FSRA welcomed Panel members to the fourth official Consumer Advisory Panel meeting.
  • FSRA provided a brief overview of the agenda for the meeting.

Working with Consumer Stakeholders

  • FSRA provided a preliminary overview of its strategic thinking on consumer stakeholder engagement. FSRA plans on developing a systematic approach that harnesses insights from consumer stakeholders.
  • The Panel raised some important considerations for FSRA, including:
    • How FSRA can ensure the appropriate communication and engagement channels are used with consumer stakeholders
    • How FSRA can identify the appropriate consumer stakeholders for engagement
    • The various lenses and consumer experiences through which FSRA should approach its consumer engagement
  • FSRA also led a discussion on the advisory role of the Panel and opportunities that exist for strengthening the Panel’s engagement model. This included a discussion of the Panel’s Terms of Reference.
  • The Panel provided reflections on its progress to date and considerations for FSRA regarding next steps for the Panel, which will approach the end of its initial one-year term in January 2021.

Credit Union Market Conduct Code Framework (MCF) Guidance: Update and Consumer/Member Engagement

  • FSRA provided an update on its MCF guidance for the credit union sector and sought the Panel’s views on how consumers should be engaged in the development of the MCF guidance.
  • The Panel supported an approach to engagement that will ensure the consumer perspective is reflected in the guidance development process.

Wrap-up and Next Steps

  • FSRA noted next steps for the Panel, including plans to follow up with Panel members to discuss preparation for FSRA’s Consumer Advisory Panel in 2021.