Auto insurance is mandatory to operate a vehicle in Ontario. That’s why FSRA is taking steps to ensure that all consumers can get the best product at the best price available when they purchase or renew their auto insurance policy.

Have you been treated unfairly?

When purchasing auto insurance or renewing your policy, has an insurance company ever done the following:

  • Required you to complete a written application for reasons that are seemingly arbitrary.
  • Failed to respond to your request for a quote in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Refused to quote or renew without explanation.

If so, we encourage you to take action.

Actions you can take as a consumer:

We strongly urge consumers to exercise their right to ask questions when purchasing or renewing their auto insurance policy. For example, ask your broker or agent questions about their incentives and how they relate to products you buy from them.

If an insurer is not responding, delaying or requesting additional information without explanation, we encourage consumers to document the exchange and file a complaint with their insurance company's complaint officer.

If the issue remains unresolved or you feel the insurance company may have breached the Insurance Act, you have the option to escalate the matter by filing a complaint with FSRA. Learn more about how to file a complaint.

Preventing unlawful activity:

FSRA’s “Take-All-Comers” guidance is designed to stop activities that prevent or frustrate consumers efforts to purchase or renew their auto insurance when they would otherwise qualify for a quote or renewal. For example, insurers are required by law to offer the lowest rate available for each consumer’s circumstances and must accept all auto insurance business from consumers that meet their approved rules.

Thematic review:

Early in our mandate as the new regulator, FSRA became aware of certain business practices being used which appeared to contravene the Take-All-Comers requirement. We undertook a broad thematic review which included public consultations, insurer examinations and a regulatory self-assessment.

Our review confirmed that there was intentional non-compliance industry-wide. Instead of filing new underwriting rules for approval by FSRA, insurers chose to engage in non-transparent and illegal practices that made it more difficult for certain types of consumers to get auto insurance quotes. This systemic non-compliance led to consumer harms, unfair competition, and diminished market health.

Read FSRA’s thematic review to learn how FSRA addressed Take-All-Comers non-compliance to better protect consumers.

FSRA will continue to supervise insurers to ensure compliance with the “Take-All-Comers” requirement.

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