Update to FSRA’s Website – improving your experience

Welcome to our redesigned homepage and sector landing pages with new navigation and easier to read plain language. Work has been carried out over the past several months to improve the web experience for users. The launch of the FSRA site in 2019 created the foundation for this new version. We are now taking an important step towards our goal of re-writing and transferring content from the FSCO and DICO sites leading to a single website at The new navigation and content were developed thanks to feedback received from respondents to the FSRA website survey in December and stakeholder volunteers who participated in focus group sessions in March 2021.

What has changed

  • The new home page has easy access content links for both consumer and sector users. For consumers, it reflects a life events approach to help guide them to relevant information and manage expectations related to FSRA’s role. For industry users, the home page has quick links to sector landing pages.
  • The new sector landing pages provide a dashboard view to locate information you care about. Content is organised by type, key links and topics. As a result, there will be multiple ways to locate the information that you are looking for. You will see new features such as:
    • “Key Information” which will advise you of things to take note of
    • “TOPICS” which highlights specific content to your sector; and
    • Tailored news items which can be sorted based on menu items.
  • A new licencing module with tailored content for applicable sectors. Content is organised by role (e.g., agent, broker, company, etc.) - everything from getting a licence, staying complaint, to surrendering a licence.
  • For Credit Unions and Caisse Populaires -- All applicable content from the DICO site has been moved to FSRA’s site and as a result the DICO site will no longer be available. A re-direct page will appear identifying the change and will include links to portals that will remain active and unchanged. If you have bookmarks to the DICO webpages (other than links to the portals) please change them. If you have trouble finding information please contact us.
  • A new live chat feature has been launched which connects users directly with FSRA’s contact centre.

Changes to come

The above changes are just the beginning of additional enhancements which will be implemented over the next few months and will include:

  • Industry sector content for Pensions and Mortgage Brokering will continue to be built on and will be completed in the coming weeks.
  • Landing pages will include RSS feeds for automatic updates when items change in the “Key Information” or “News” boxes.
  • A tailored search tool will be added to landing pages which search on content specific to a sector.
  • FSRA will continue to work on consumer content with tools and features to help consumers understand FSRA’s role. An introductory video to FSRA will soon appear on the home page which will review how FSRA helps consumers.
  • There is still some content that links to the FSCO site. This will be addressed in the months to come. Once all relevant pages are moved to the FSRA site, the FSCO site will decommissioned.

Tell us what you think

FSRA’s goal is to continue to improve FSRA’s website. Your feedback is important to us. Please complete the FSRA Website Design Survey. It takes about ten minutes to complete and has only five questions.