Licences of health service providers suspended or revoked

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) has taken action against health service providers to better protect consumers and help maintain fair and reasonable auto insurance rates.

We suspended or revoked the licences of 170‬ health service providers who did not comply with their annual business reporting obligations.

FSRA uses this information to inform our supervision plan for the sector and identify trends that could lead to consumer risks and areas of concern.

We informed these individuals about potential enforcement action and followed up with them multiple times.

Service providers with suspended or revoked licences may still provide care to motor vehicle accident victims but cannot receive direct payment from insurance companies. Instead, claimants will receive money from their insurance companies to reimburse those service providers.

FSRA is responsible for licensing and supervising the conduct of licenced Health Service Providers in Ontario. We assess compliance with regulatory requirements to help reduce opportunities for fraud and better protect consumers.

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FSRA continues to work on behalf of all stakeholders, including consumers, to ensure financial safety, fairness, and choice for everyone.

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