FSRA’s mortgage brokering technical advisory committee

New Members:

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is pleased to announce the following new members of its Mortgage Brokering Technical Advisory Committee:

  1. Anisa Sherwood Lancione, Broker, Mortgage Brokers City, o/a
  2. Dong Lee, COO of DLCG, and Principal Broker of Mortgage Architects


Members who were reappointed include:

  1. Sadiq Boodoo, President & Chair of the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – Ontario and the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – National and Principal Broker, Approved Financial Services
  2. Carla Gervais, Principal Broker, The Mortgage Advisors

Outgoing Members:

FSRA would like to acknowledge and thank the outgoing members for their contributions:

  1. Murray Snedden, CFO and Principal Broker, MarshallZehr Group Inc.
  2. Anthony Pistillo, SVP, Riverrock MIC

FSRA established the Mortgage Brokering Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to support consumer protection, drive innovation and increase regulatory efficiency in the sector.

In October 2022, FSRA issued a call for new members to replace current members with expiring terms. Many thanks to all who expressed interest in collaborating with FSRA on this important work. There were many good candidates, but FSRA was unable to accommodate everyone.

FSRA’s next Committee meeting takes place in February 2023. Look out for updates on the Committee’s progress.

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