The government and FSRA have implemented new licensing classes for mortgage agents and brokers effective April 01, 2023. Visit the New Licensing Requirements Transition - Information and Resources page for details.

Please note that FSRA is not accepting applications for new mortgage agent or broker licences between March 15-31, 2023. Applications will re-open on April 1, 2023.

If you wish to deal in mortgages as a mortgage agent in Ontario, you must apply for a licence with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA).

About the licence

An Ontario mortgage agent is a professional who deals or trades in mortgages for a licensed mortgage brokerage, under the supervision of a licensed mortgage broker. All individuals acting as mortgage agents or mortgage brokers in Ontario must have a licence from FSRA. They must also be sponsored by one licensed mortgage brokerage.

Fee for a new application

The fee for a new mortgage agent licence is $941. The fee will be prorated based on the month in which your application is submitted in the fiscal year.

The Principal Broker of your brokerage will submit the application fee to FSRA after reviewing your licence application. Depending on the arrangement with your Principal Broker, you may need to provide your brokerage with your licence application fee so it can be paid on your behalf.

Requirements for getting a licence

If you wish to become a licensed mortgage agent in Ontario, you must:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Be a resident of Canada.
  3. Have a mailing address in Ontario that can receive registered mail (not a post office box).
  4. Be authorized by a mortgage brokerage to deal in mortgages.
  5. Work for only one mortgage brokerage.
  6. Have a valid email address.
  7. Meet the mortgage agent education requirements.
  8. Be suitable for a licence.

To verify your suitability to have a licence, you will need to confirm that:

  • You are familiar with the laws of Ontario relating to the licensing of mortgage agents and brokers.
  • You will hold yourself out publicly and carry out business in good faith as a mortgage agent in the name in which you are licensed.
  • You are not engaged in any other business or occupation that would jeopardize your integrity, independence or competence.
  • You are of good character and reputation.
  • You have provided all information about bankruptcies, lawsuits, criminal records, decisions from other regulators or licensing bodies and other employment information.
  • You are a suitable person to receive a licence and meet all licensing requirements.

Mortgage agent education requirements

To meet the education requirements for a mortgage agent licence, you must successfully complete one of the FSRA-approved mortgage agent education programs. You must apply for a mortgage agent licence within two years of successfully completing one of these approved mortgage agent education programs.

Approved mortgage agent education programs

FSRA has approved several mortgage agent education programs for licensing purposes. All of these programs were developed using the same curriculum, but different providers may use different formats- such as classroom, correspondence, online or a combination of teaching methods. The tuition fees for each program are set by each independent program provider.

All the approved programs include a final examination. Here is a list of mortgage agent education programs approved by FSRA:

French Language courses

French-language courses and examinations are also available. To inquire, please email [email protected] to obtain the contact information of the approved French language course provider.

Education equivalency requests

Certain individuals might qualify for an agent licence without the education requirement, if they meet other education and experience requirements. To see if you qualify, review the education equivalency criteria.

Ready to apply?

If you have met all the requirements for becoming a licensed mortgage agent, ask your brokerage to start your application process.

  1. The Principal Broker of your brokerage will initiate your licence application through Licensing Link. Then, send the licence application to you via email.
  2. Click on the application link in the email. This link will take you to Licensing Link.
  3. Complete the application and Submit your application. It will be sent back to your brokerage for final approval.
  4. Your brokerage's Principal Broker will review your licence application and submit it with the required fee.

What happens after the application is submitted:

FSRA will send you an email to confirm it has received your application.

For most applications

  • It should take 10 business days for FSRA to issue your licence.
  • Keep checking Licensing Link to see if the licence has been approved.
  • If approved, you can view and print a PDF of your licence from Licensing Link.

If the application requires additional review

  • FSRA will send you a follow-up email to let you know your application requires additional review.
  • The email will include the name and contact information for the assigned Licensing and Registration Specialist.
  • If approved, you can view and print a PDF of your licence from Licensing Link.