Health Service Provider Quick Guide to Compliance
Use this Quick Guide for a brief overview of some of your obligations as a Service Provider under the Insurance Act, its regulations and applicable FSRA Rules.

2022-2024 Health Service Provider Supervision Plan
This supervision plan provides stakeholders and licensees with an overview of FSRA’s supervision plans for the Health Service Provider sector in 2022-2024.

Health Service Provider 2021-2022 Market Conduct Compliance annual report
In its 2021-2022 health service provider compliance report, FSRA identified four main areas of non-compliance, such as insufficient policies and procedures.


Health Services Provider Supervisory Plan (2021-2022)
This supervisory plan provides stakeholders and licensees with an overview of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario’s (FSRA) supervision plans for the Health Services Provider (HSP) sector in 2021-2022.

Health Service Provider (HSP) Licensing Toolkit, Understanding your FSRA Licensing Obligations
The purpose of this document is to provide existing and new Health Service Providers (“HSP”) with information about the duties, responsibilities and regulatory compliance requirements expected of a licenced HSP.

Health Service Provider 2020-2021 Market Conduct Compliance Annual Report
This annual Health Service Provider Market Conduct Compliance Report provides the results of the supervisory work conducted in this sector over the last fiscal year (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021).