On June 1, 2021, FSRA hosted a webinar on the proposed Financial Professionals Title Protection (FPTP) Framework.

The webinar helped to support the public consultation and explain the amendments to the proposed framework, including the proposed FPTP Rule, Application Guidance and Supervision Guidance. The presentation focused on key themes identified from the 2020 public consultation, the proposed fee structure and the timeline for implementation.

Approximately 200 attendees participated in the webinar and had the opportunity to ask questions directly to our FSRA team. The range of topics covered included:

  • transition periods for financial planner and financial advisor title users
  • requirements for maintaining credentials for titles, and responsibilities of credentialing bodies to supervise and enforce conduct standards
  • the development of a public registry, which will list credentialed individuals in Ontario and the respective titles they are permitted to use
  • titles that could be reasonably confused with “financial planner” and “financial advisor”

All questions that could not be answered during the webinar will be posted below by June 14, 2021 .

Financial Professionals Title Protection Framework 
Date: June 1, 2021
Presenters: Huston Loke, Joel Gorlick

Financial Planners and Financial Advisors (FP/FA) Technical Briefing 

FSRA Response to Audience Questions