Feedback from the sector: 

During the consultation period of October 10 to November 16, 2023, FSRA received 23 submissions from stakeholders in the financial services sector, each of which provided feedback on FSRA’s proposed Statement of Priorities for fiscal year 2024-25. The submissions and FSRA’s responses are available on FSRA’s website.  

FSRA thanks all stakeholders that took the time to comment. FSRA carefully considered all feedback before finalizing and publishing the 2024-2027 Annual Business Plan

Contributors to public consultation – Cross-sectoral: 

The following stakeholders submitted comments on FSRA’s proposed SOP for fiscal 2024-25 for cross-sectoral items:  

Organization Stakeholder Representative
1. Individual Contributor  John Hamilton
2. Canadian Association of Financial Institutions in Insurance (“CAFII”)  Rob Dobbins
3. Consumer Advisory Panel ("CAP")  N/A
4. Desjardins Group ("Desjardins") Giuseppina Marra 
5. Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association ("CLHIA")  Stephen Frank
6. FAIR Canada Jean-Paul Bureaud 
7. Ontario Mutual Insurance Association ("OMIA")  John Taylor
8. Canadian Credit Union Association ("CCUA") Brent Furtney
9. Independent Financial Brokers of Canada ("IFB")  Nancy Allan
10. CAAT Pension Plan ("CAAT") David Gordon
11. Canadian Association of Direct Relationship Insurer ("CADRI") Geoffrey Beechey
12. Ontario Trial Lawyers Association ("OTLA")  N/A