All of FSRA’s enforcement actions and warning notices are now available for anyone to see on our new enforcement database. By transparently communicating about those who do not follow the law or regulatory requirements FSRA will encourage high business standards and deter misconduct within the sectors it regulates. The database will also help to better protect the public and instill confidence among those who use financial services in Ontario.

FSRA described its approach to enforcement communications through our Transparent Communication of FSRA Enforcement Action Guidance. This Guidance outlined a clear and consistent approach to how FSRA informs the public about enforcement actions.

How to use the database

The database is publicly accessible on the FSRA website. It includes FSRA’s enforcement actions[1] with associated documents and the licensing status at the time of publication. Consumer warning notices[2] are also available.

To find a subject of enforcement, simply enter the person or entity’s name and click “search.” This will take you to a list of search results. You may filter this list by date, sector, licence type and status. You can also search by sector, date range or the type of action taken.

Clicking on a search result will take you to a summary page for that action or warning.

The summary page provides greater detail such as the subject’s licensing details at the time the action is taken and the status of any licensing and/or enforcement outcomes. It also includes links to enforcement documents, such as Notices of Proposal, Final Orders, Minutes of Settlement and news releases.

News releases are published when enforcement action is started and when it concludes. The database is continually updated to include new enforcement actions and warnings.

Please note FSRA’s old website (under our predecessor organization known as FSCO) is now out of service. Our teams are working to ensure all FSCO enforcement actions and consumer warnings are available in the new database.

The database is limited to showing what FSCO published in its time. Because FSRA publishes more information, older materials may contain less detail.

Other resources

To learn more about FSRA’s tools for addressing misconduct, see our resources for filing a complaint or applying to be a whistle-blower.

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[1] For reference, an enforcement action is formal legal action initiated by FSRA to impose regulatory sanctions for non-compliance with statutory requirements, regulatory misconduct, and address unsuitability for licensing or registration.
[2] Consumer warning notices inform the public about individuals and entities FSRA believes may be putting consumers at risk.