Whether you are starting out on your career or planning to retire in the near future, it is important to understand how your pension plan works. As the regulator of pension plans registered in Ontario, FSRA has compiled the following information to help you make sense of the retirement income system and your pension plan. 

How FSRA regulates pension plans

Learn about FSRA’s responsibilities related to pension plans registered in Ontario.

The Retirement income system

Learn about the various types of retirement income systems and pension plans available in Ontario.

How life events can impact your pension benefits

Life can be unpredictable. Find out how major life events can affect your pension benefits

How registered pension plans work

From administrative roles to how assets are invested, learn how registered pension plans work.

Learn more about your own pension plan

Learn how to find information about your pension plan using FSRA’s Pension Plan Information Access portal.

Additional resources

Helpful links to help you learn more about pensions in Ontario and Canada.

Pension glossary

Read brief definitions of pension terms used by FSRA throughout this site.

NOTE: For details about your specific pension plan, contact your pension plan administrator. If anything you read on this site conflicts with the Pension Benefits Act or its regulations, the legislation should be considered correct.

Need help?

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