Fighting auto insurance fraud is a shared responsibility. Not only is it illegal, auto insurance fraud affects all drivers by raising insurance premiums throughout the province.

Public tips to law enforcement, insurance companies and government can help crack down on offenders, reducing abuse of the system, lowering premiums and improving road safety for all.

What to do if you suspect auto insurance fraud

If you suspect an instance of auto insurance fraud, or have been the victim of fraud, report what you know.

1. Call your local police department and insurance company 

Report what you have seen or heard, and ask what steps you should take. Anonymous tips can also be made online through Crime Stoppers or by calling 1-800-222-TIPS.

2. Submit a tip to FSRA

Let us know the details of the suspected fraud so we can open an investigation.

We accept anonymous complaints. Simply leave out your name and contact information if you choose to submit anonymously.