FSRA releases the 2022 Automobile Insurance Indexation Amounts Guidance

FSRA has released the 2022 indexation amounts related to auto insurance injury claims.

The 2022 indexation rate is 4.4% and has been calculated using data from the Consumer Price Index for Canada (All Items), as published by Statistics Canada. The Consumer Price Index is an indicator of changes in consumer prices experienced by Canadians. 

The indexation rate applies to, for example, monetary and deductible amounts used to determine awards in lawsuits. 

Specifically, the changes apply to:

  • monetary thresholds and deductibles for determining non-pecuniary tort awards under the Insurance Act and O. Reg. 461/96, (court proceedings for automobile accidents that occur on or after November 1, 1996)
  • amounts that are required to be indexed pursuant to the:
    • Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – effective September 1, 2010 (2010 SABS)
    • Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – accidents on or after November 1, 1996 (1996 SABS)
    • Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – accidents on or after December 31, 1993 and before November 1, 1996 (1993 SABS)

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