Effective immediately, cheques are no longer payable to the Minister of Finance. Please make all cheques/money orders payable to the Financial Services Regulatory ​Authority of Ontario (FSRA).


FSRA provides all the forms you will need to complete your application for an agent or adjuster licence in Ontario. To access these forms, you will need to download and install Adobe reader.

To download and open the form to your desktop:
  1. Right click the link to the form and select save link as and save the form to your desktop.
    (To do this with a keyboard, tab to the link of the form. Hold down SHIFT and press F10. Then select save link as... and save the form to your desktop)
  2. Open the form by right clicking and select open with... and select Adobe reader.
    (Use your operating systems keyboard shortcut to use the open with command and open with Adobe reader. NOTE: Using the keyboard only may require you to open Adobe reader then open the form)

Available forms

Insurance adjuster application [PDF]
Used for new applications, renewals and transfer applications

Corporate/Partnership ​application for insurance adjuster [PDF]
Used to apply for, or renew an insurance adjuster corporate/partnership license in Ontario

Insurance agent corporate/partnership application​

Business activity complaint form [PDF]
Used to file a complaint with FSRA

Licensing Link Agreement [PDF]
Used to access Licensing Link

Life insurance replacement declaration [PDF]
Used by life insurance agents to replace a life insurance policy

Out of province agent applications​
Used to apply for licenses outside of Ontario - except for general insurance agent licenses in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Prepayment agreement and form [PDF]
Used to apply for pre-payment on Licensing Link

Ontario automobile insurance examination application​

Application to cancel an onsurance adjuster licence [PDF]
Used to cancel an insurance adjuster licence. For questions related to this form read our FAQs

Application to cancel an insurance agent or corporate/partnership licence [PDF]
Used to cancel an insurance agent licence. For questions related to this form, read our FAQs.