Pension plan records are public, and may be requested from your pension plan administrator or FSRA, depending on the type of records you are looking for. Freedom of Information requests can also be made to the Ministry of Finance.

Who can make a request

Document requests related to pension plans can be made by:

  • Pension plan members, former members or retired members
  • The spouse (or former spouse) of a plan member, former member or retired member
  • Any other person entitled to benefits under a pension plan
  • Trade union representative
  • Participating employer
  • Any person required to make contributions on behalf of an employer
  • An agent of any of the above (written authorization required)"

Pension administrator requests

Written requests for pension plan documentation can be made once per calendar year. Following your request, your plan administrator must provide you with the following:

Current members

  • A written explanation of the pension plan, within 60 days of the date you became eligible for membership, or within 60 days of the date you were hired, if membership begins immediately hiring 
  • An annual statement, within six months of your plan's year-end

Retired or retiring members

  • A retirement statement, within 30 days of retirement 
  • A description of your retirement options, at least 60 days before your retirement date

Former members

  • A termination statement, within 30 days of your last day of employment or date your membership was terminated
  • A death benefit statement – provided to a surviving spouse, designated beneficiary or estate, within 30 days of the receipt of a death notice 

Note: Your pension plan administrator may charge a fee for plan records. They cannot charge a fee to allow you to inspect records in person.

Additional information 

Your plan administrator is also required to provide you with the following records within 30 days of a written request:

  • A copy of your pension plan and any amendments
  • Pension plan filing documents (e.g., trust agreements or other funding agreements)
  • Actuarial Information Summary (AIS), Annual Information Return (AIR) and Investment Information Summary (IIS) 
  • Financial statements
  • Actuarial funding reports
  • Documents delegating plan administration
  • Any correspondence made between the plan administrator and FSRA within the 5 years preceding your request
  • Sections of the collective agreements that set our your employer’s responsibilities with respect to your plan
  • Investment policy and procedural statements
  • Sections of the agreement that pertains to the sale of a business or business assets as they relate to your plan 

If your pension plan administrator does not reply to your request within 30 days, contact FSRA for help.

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FSRA requests

Following a written request, FSRA will provide you with plan records we have on file. You can also schedule an appointment to view pension plan documents at our office. 

Note: FSRA does not keep personal information about individual plan members (current, retired or former), or plan beneficiaries.

What you need to provide

In order to make a request, you will need to provide proof of plan membership (copy of a pension statement, T4 or T4A). You will also need to provide:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • The name and registration number of the pension plan
  • A list of plan records, and the time period you would like to inspect
  • Copy of a marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary statement (if applicable)
  • Written statement from your member-spouse identifying you as their spouse (if applicable)
  • Written authorization statement allowing an agent to inspect records on your behalf (if applicable)

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

Requests can be made directly to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator at the Ministry of Finance.

Learn how to file a Freedom of Information request.

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