Your auto insurance
driven by you.

Are you in the process of purchasing or renewing your auto insurance? Understand how your driving habits and situation impact your rate. Make sure you shop around to get the coverage that best suits your needs and budget.

5 tips to consider when shopping around for auto insurance


Mark your calendar

Commit to shopping around before your policy renewal date.


Get 3 quotes

Auto insurance quotes can vary widely among insurers, so you may find a better price for the coverage you need elsewhere.


Cast a wide net

Get quotes online or over the phone from different insurers, big and small, or through a licenced agent or broker.


Ask for discounts

Take advantage of discounts being offered, such as bundling your auto and home insurance.


Understand the coverage you need

Ask an agent or broker what deductible amounts and optional coverages best suits your situation.


Did you know?

You have a right to ask insurance companies for the lowest rate possible for the coverage that is best for you.


Please view this tips sheet to get more helpful tips on auto insurance.


Learn how we protect you

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) is an independent regulatory agency. We regulate Ontario’s auto insurance sector. Our role is to ensure agents and businesses that sell auto insurance comply with Ontario’s laws, including meeting the qualifications and requirements for a license. We also provide oversight to the adjusters and firms that investigate auto insurance claims.


Rate Approvals

Our Rate Approval database provides you with timely information about approved rate changes for every auto insurer in Ontario. You can use this database as a signal of a potential rate change coming your way and decide whether to contact your insurer for more information, shop around for a better deal, or both.