Consumers Beware: Sunray Federal Credit Union is not a registered credit union in Ontario

Ontario’s financial services regulator, FSRA, is warning consumers that a business using the name of Sunray Federal Credit Union (also known as Sunray Credit Union) is not a registered credit union in Ontario.

We encourage consumers to be careful if contacted by Sunray Federal Credit Union or anyone claiming to be representing this business.

There are potential risks. Your deposits are not covered by deposit insurance if made with anyone not registered as a credit union or caisses populaire in Ontario.

Sunray Federal Credit Union or Sunray Credit Union appears to be using the following contact information:

  • Address: 12-56 Woodbridge Avenue, Woodbridge, ON L4L 2S6
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 1(204)800-0155
  • Website: where the entity appears to be soliciting business

In addition, Sunray Federal Credit Union allegedly approached individuals and asked them to transfer money to Sunray to invest in real estate.

If you believe you may have been a victim of financial fraud involving Sunray Federal Credit Union, please contact your local police department.

Make sure to check FSRA’s website for the list of all credit unions and caisses populaires registered to do business in Ontario. Currently, Sunray Federal Credit Union or Sunray Credit Union are not on our list.

For reference, under the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act, 2020, “No person, other than a credit union or person or entity prescribed by regulation, shall carry on business using a name in which “credit union” or “caisse populaire” is used.

Deposit insurance helps protect consumers using the services of credit unions and caisses populaires. It also helps ensure the safety and soundness of Ontario’s credit union sector.

Visit FSRA’s website to learn more about credit unions and deposit insurance.


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