Board of Directors Update

TORONTO – Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario is pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph Iannicelli to the FSRA board of directors.

Mr. Iannicelli has extensive experience in the financial services industry, serving as President and CEO for the Standard Life Insurance Company of Canada from January 2005 until February 2012. As head of a subsidiary of a UK parent company, Mr. Iannicelli dealt with financial services regulators in both Canada and the United Kingdom. He also served as CEO of Banyan Healthcare Services and as a strategic and management consultant with a Canadian public pension plan. 

Mr. Iannicelli is currently President of PLAY 2 WIN Inc., a company that produces films and, through a sub-brand, Body By Yoga, offers healthcare services.

Mr. Iannicelli has been recognized for several business achievements, including being named Top 5 Influential Business Leader in Quebec for four straight years (2009-2012).

“We welcome Mr. Iannicelli and his unique blend of industry experience, leadership and innovation,” said Chair Bryan Davies. “His knowledge of the insurance and health service providers is a great asset to our organization.”

Three Board Member terms extended

The Government of Ontario extended the terms of three FSRA Board of Directors members: Blair Cowper-Smith, Brigid Murphy and Lawrence Ritchie.

Biographical information on all Board Members is available at

COVID-19 update

The Board wishes to thank the FSRA staff for their efforts to work off-site and continue to engage with industry and consumers to ensure that we promote a high standard of business conduct, foster the financial services sector, respond to market changes and protect the public interest. We wish to commend our industry stakeholders and consumers for their collaboration and in identifying opportunities for regulatory continuity during this period. Finally, the FSRA Board of Directors continues to meet to ensure regulatory activities continue.  

About FSRA
The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) regulates the insurance, credit union, caisse populaire, mortgage brokerage, loan, trust, and pension administration sectors in Ontario in addition to providing deposit insurance for members of provincially-incorporated credit unions and caisses populaires. Learn more about FSRA and our approach to achieving safety, fairness and choice in non-securities financial services at

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