Technical Advisory Committee to identify ways to foster a vibrant employment-based pension pillar in Ontario

Meeting summary

Date: Thursday, December 9, 2021

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Location: Videoconference

This summary sets out the key points discussed at the December 9, 2021, meeting.

Presentation on paper titled “Affordable Lifetime Pension Income for a Better Tomorrow”

The paper published by the National Institute on Ageing and the Global Risk Institute examines Dynamic Pension pools, a financial decumulation vehicle that operates on a risk-sharing principle. The Committee welcomed the authors of the paper who shared insights and answered questions. 

The Committee members expressed interest on this initiative.  One area of specific interest was the operationalization of this concept, specifically, how Dynamic Pension pools are going to be rolled out. 

FSRA reiterated its support to Dynamic Pension pools and any other initiative focused on improving the pension sector.

Review of other agenda items 

The Committee discussed various products developed in previous meetings: Pension Awareness Day, improvement of data collection and digital records. With respect to Pension Awareness Day, the Committee expressed strong support for this project that is now included in FSRA’s 2022-2023 Statement of Priorities.

The Committee received updates on two initiatives related to data collection and digital records:

  • changes to the investment information summary 
  • collection of missing members data 

Finally, the Committee discussed and provided comments on two new reports that are currently under consideration.

Conclusion of committee 

The meeting concluded with thanks from the Chair to the committee members for their ideas and contributions. 

Attendance record

Organization name
Attendance status
Caroline Blouin FSRA VC
Mary Cover C.D. Howe Institute VC
David Marshall JKM Financial VC
McNeill, Cameron J. MEBCO VC
Matthias Oschinki University of Toronto VC
Uros Karadzic Ernst & Young LLP VC
Jo-Ann Hannah Retired VC
Evan Howard CAAT Pension Plan VC
Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald National Institute on Ageing VC
Laura Strachan Eckler VC
Barbara Sanders Simon Fraser University VC
Mitch Frazer Torys LLP VC
Sally Shen Global Risk Institute VC
Corey Vermey Unifor VC
James Pierlot Blue Pier VC
Marie-Josée Forcier Normandin Beaudry VC
Andrew J. Hatnay Koskie Minsky VC
David Bartucci FSRA VC
Mark Eagles FSRA VC
Dan Miles FSRA VC
Jesse Heath-Rawlings FSRA VC
Joaquin Zermeno FSRA VC
Krista Teichroeb Ministry of Finance VC
David Dijong Ministry of Finance VC