FSRA Stakeholder Advisory Committee for Health Service Providers

Summary of the Meeting of November 25, 2019
At the FSRA Offices, 5160 Yonge Street, 14th Floor

Stakeholder Advisory Committee Members Present:

Harold Becker – Omega Medical Associates
Laurie Davis – Ontario Rehab Alliance
Julie Entwistle – Entwistle Power Occupational Therapy
Christina Harrington – Ontario Association of Social Workers
Faith Kaplan – Ontario Psychological Association; Kaplan and Levitt Psychologists
Moez Rajwani – Coalition of Health Professional Associations in Auto Insurance Services in Ontario
Karen Rucas – Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists
Dorianne Sauvé – Ontario Physiotherapy Association
Maria Scaringi – KIDSPEECH
Amanda-Lyn Smith – The Massage and Treatment Clinic
John Spirou – CARE Institute Inc.
Mark Wigle – SOMA Medical Assessments Corp. and National IME Centres

Board Members Present:

Bryan Davies – Chair of the Board
Kathy Bouey – Director
Joanne De Laurentiis – Director
Brigid Murphy – Director
Lawrence Ritchie – Director
Brent Zorgdrager – Director

Management Members Present:

Mark White – Chief Executive Officer
Glen Padassery – EVP, Policy
Stephen Power – EVP, Corporate Services

Corporate Secretary

Alena Thouin – Corporate Secretary and Deputy General Counsel
Margaret Kingerski – Assistant Corporate Secretary

General Comments

The Committee discussed the consultative process and stressed its desire and approval of engaging with FSRA. They believe ongoing engagement is important and the industry would appreciate further opportunities for input. Further, the Committee expressed interest in consulting in other relevant areas beyond auto insurance. The Committee raised a number of issues that are relevant to them, including the existence of regulatory burden through multiple regulators and the importance of being an active participant in the insurance regulatory framework.

Feedback on F2020-2021 Draft Priorities and Business Plan

The Committee provided feedback with respect to FSRA’s F2020-2021 Draft Priorities and Business Plan. They were supportive of burden reduction efforts by FSRA to date and reflected that members are regulated both by their respective colleges and by FSRA. Reducing the regulatory burden for health service providers was encouraged. Further comments were provided on consumer protection, consumer education and fraud reduction. In particular, the Committee was supportive of educating the public to ensure they can make informed choices. Fraud reduction initiatives should focus across all pillars of the auto insurance sector and not just the health service provider industry.

The Committee also discussed data-collection efforts and was supportive of FSRA initiatives to streamline the process. They noted that FSRA should only collect data that is useful and necessary.