The following table lists FSRA forms searchable by title, number, sector and category. Each form has been created in a PDF format which you can download, complete in Adobe Reader and save to your computer. See the General Information page for more details.

Note: forms that were previously posted on the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) site have been transferred to this table. We are working on updating these older forms to the new FSRA standard. Please reach out to our contact centre if you require assistance.


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Sector Title Sort ascending Number Last Updated
Pensions Wind Up Report For Defined Contribution Pension Plans PF-105
Pensions Superintendent's Checklist for Compliance on Plan Wind up for Defined Benefit Plans 1171
Pensions Statement of Family Law Value (Ontario PRPP Form ON-C) 1345
Auto Standard Benefit Statement 1332
Auto Settlement Disclosure Notice 1222
Mortgage Request for Licensee Information from FSRA GF-006
Insurance Request for Licensee Information from FSRA GF-006
CU-CP Request for Additional Brochures and Decals CF-004
Auto Protected Defendant Undertaking 1244
Auto OPCF 6F: Public Passenger Vehicles - Combined Limits AF-064
Auto OPCF 6C: Public Passenger Vehicles AF-063E
Auto OPCF 6B: School Bus AF-062
Auto OPCF 5C: Permission to Rent or lease (unspecified lessees- short term leases only)​ 1060
Auto OPCF 5: Permission to Rent or Lease Automobiles and Extending Coverage to the Specified Lessee(s)​ 1058
Auto OPCF 49 Agreement Not to Recover for Loss or Damage from an Automobile Collision (for Ontario Automobile Policy OAP 1) AF-081
Auto OPCF 48: Added Coverage to Offset Tort Deductibles​ 1239
Auto OPCF 47: Agreement not to Rely on SABS Priority of Payment Rules 1078
Auto OPCF 44R: Family Protection Coverage​ 1076
Auto OPCF 43A: Removing Depreciation Deduction for Specified Lessee(s) 1075
Auto OPCF 43: Removing Depreciation Deduction​ 1074
Auto OPCF 40: Fire Deductible​ 1072
Auto OPCF 3: Drive Government Automobiles 1236
Auto OPCF 38: Agreed Limit for Automobile Electronic Accessories and Equipment​ 1071
Auto OPCF 2: Providing Coverage When Named Persons Drive Other Automobiles or Rent or Lease Other Automobiles 1235
Auto OPCF 29: Additional Coverage For Named Person(s)​ 1070