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FY2019-20BP: Draft 2019-20 Priorities and Budget

Type: Priorities/Budget
Number: FY2019-20BP
Date: 2019-01-21
Comments Due: 2019-02-14
Sector: All sectors
Status: Public comment closed - under review

Comments Received

2019-02-20 [FY2019-20BP] Rhona DesRoches - FAIR

Please see attached FAIR submission to the FSRA Priorities and Budget.

2019-02-15 [FY2019-20BP] Ernie Dellostritto

The reason for this third submission from us is because the submissions that you have received are all from industry stakeholders except maybe for a very few. The regular consumers or consumer advocacy groups do not appear to be participating in this consultation process. How can you get an accurate picture of the Consumers perspective if you don’t publicize this consultation to the general public?

If FSRA is really serious about treating consumers fairly, then you must create an Office of the Consumer with enforcement capabilities and a Consumer Advisory Panel. We believe this would level the playing field. This has also been suggested in the past by organizations such as Fair Canada.

Please post the attached excerpt from the FSRA Board of Directors Progress Report of April 2018. We hope that you still have plans to prioritize consumers as you suggested in your Progress Report.

2019-02-14 [FY2019-20BP] Brian Zeiler-Kligman - Sussex Strategy Group

Attached are comments from AssessMed, a leading independent medical assessment company, regarding structure and priorities for auto insurance

2019-02-14 [FY2019-20BP] Tim Hyde - None

Thank you for affording the public an opportunity to Comment on your Draft. Please see attached letter.

All sectors
2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Ralph Palumbo - The Hillcrest Consulting Group Inc.

I am pleased to forward the pre-budget submission from HVE Healthcare Assessments ("HVE"). HVE will be involved in the consultations on the Ontario auto product and we are pleased to provide with our ideas and recommendations as to how Independent Medical Examinations can be improved for the benefit of injured claimants .

Health Service Provider
2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Susan Allemang - Independent Financial Brokers of Canada

2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Stephen Frank - Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Bernard Brun - Mouvement Desjardins

Le Mouvement Desjardins soumet à votre attention ses commentaires dans le cadre de cette consultation.
Pour toute information additionnelle, n'hésitez pas à communiquer avec le soussigné.
Recevez mes salutations distinguées.
Bernard Brun
Relations gouvernementales - Canada
613 789-2468

Credit unions and caisses populaires
2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Joanne Ebanks - Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

Grammatical error in previous submission. Please refer to attached submission.

2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] David Simpson - Facility Association

2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Colin Simpson - Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

Please see our submission attached.

2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Intact Insurance - Intact

2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Ron Mock - Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Thank you for the opportunity to share our views. Please find the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan's comments appended.

Pension Plan
2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Karin Ots - Aviva Canada

Aviva’s response to FSRA’s proposed 2019-2020 Priorities and Budget document is attached.

2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Susan Copland - IIAC

Attached is our submission.

All sectors
2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Rob Wellstood - Kawartha Credit Union

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on FSRA's proposed 2019 Priorities and Budget. Please see our comments in the attached letter.
Rob Wellstood, CEO
Kawartha Credit Union

Credit unions and caisses populaires
2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] David Miller - Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

Please see the attached letter.

Pension Plan
2019-02-07 [FY2019-20BP] Ralph Palumbo - The Hillcrest Consulting Group Inc.

I am forwarding the pre-budget submission of the Lifemark Health Group to Minister Fedeli. We anticipate that FSRA will be reviewing issues involving providers in the auto insurance sector. We are therefor taking this opportunity to forward that submission to you now. We would be pleased to meet with you at any time to discuss the recommendations contained in the submission. Regards, Ralph

2019-02-07 [FY2019-20BP] Catherine Allman - Canadian Association of Direct Relationship Insurers

CADRI is pleased to submit comments on FSRA's "Draft Priorities and Budget for 2019-2020" as it pertains to direct-relationship insurers and their customers.

2019-02-07 [FY2019-20BP] Gareth Gibbins - OMERS

Pension Plan
2019-02-08 [FY2019-20BP] Ben Kosic - Canadian National Insurance Crime Services(CANATICS)

Canadian National Insurance Crime Services (CANATICS) is pleased with the opportunity to comment on FSRA's 2019-20 Priorities and Budget. CANATICS, established on the recommendation of the Ontario government's Anti-Fraud Task Force, is a private sector, not-for-profit corporation that was incorporated in February 2013 as a property and casualty insurance industry solution to help combat auto insurance fraud. CANATICS’ mission is to support the fight against insurance crime by providing individual insurers, and the industry, with superior intelligence derived from analytics performed on industry pooled data with an unwavering focus on data quality, privacy and security.

2019-02-03 [FY2019-20BP] Ernie Dellostritto

The Office of the Consumer should be a top priority. It has to be established as a separate entity and NOT just a part of the Policy function. Otherwise this is just a name change from FSCO to FSRA. How is this any different since “consumer protection” was already FSCO’s mandate anyway? Attached are 3 letters from organizations that provide options about improving consumer protection. Please post them. This consultation process has not been publicized enough to the general public. Furthermore, FSRA should not let CLHIA and CAFII take a leadership role because of conflict of interest and divided loyalties - their primary focus is on making money for their shareholders! The current system needs to be changed. An example Is how the Condominium Act was changed by creating the Condominium Authority of Ontario was set up - it seems to be working just fine!

All sectors
2019-02-01 [FY2019-20BP] Manny Dhaliwal

Greater funding is needed to treat those injured in motor vehicle accidents. Too many injured people are being denied therapy bc their injuries fall within the "Minor Injury Guideline". The coverage is minimal and the Insurance company has hired " Doctors" to refute the patients injuries. There is no recourse for patients.

Health Service Provider
2019-01-23 [FY2019-20BP] Ernie Dellostritto

We understand that Incidental Sales of Insurance (ISI) which includes Creditors Group Insurance (CGI) was not mentioned in your report. The problem is that insurers are providing inadequate disclosure to obtain the consent of consumers. Our Submission is attached and you have our permission to post it.

2019-01-23 [FY2019-20BP] Lawrence D'Souza - FSCO

Comments in the attached document

All sectors