Investor Rights and Syndicated Mortgage Investments

Do you have investments in Fortress, Tier 1 or Hi-Rise mortgage products? Are you looking for information on the status of your investments?

If so, you need to contact the administrator of your mortgage investments.  Generally, administrators receive mortgage payments from the borrower or developer, before sending them to the investors. For missed or late payments, they take action to address defaults.

In some cases, the administrator is also the trustee appointed by the court to oversee a bankruptcy.  Generally, a trustee manages the assets of the company that has gone bankrupt and ensures assets are distributed to investors and creditors appropriately.

Who is the administrator of your mortgage investments?


Fortress mortgage investments initially administered by Building & Development Mortgages Canada Inc. (BDMC) and Sorrenti Law Professional Corporation (or Derek Sorrenti) are now being administered by FAAN Mortgage Administrators Inc.  To see the list of mortgages, please check the following:

Tier 1

Tier 1 mortgage investments are now administered by Grant Thornton.  To see the list of these mortgages, please check the following link:

The links to the administrator websites also include their contact information.


Miller Thomson LLP was appointed to represent investors in a syndicated mortgage, administered by Hi-Rise Capital Ltd., for the property on 263 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario.  In this case, investors can contact Miller Thomson to obtain information about their mortgage investment.  For information, please check the following link:

Do you know your rights?

Investors in syndicated mortgages investments protected under the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act (MBLAA) in the province of Ontario are entitled to rights, including the right to receive the following:

  • Truthful, clear and transparent information, about the material facts, risks and fees payable related to the products and services being recommended for them
  • Recommendations for products and services that are suitable for them based on their specific circumstances as provided to their mortgage broker or agent
  • Information about potential or actual conflicts of interest amongst parties in a transaction that may impact their interests (e.g., a relationship between a mortgage administrator and a borrower could mean the administrator may not fully enforce the borrower’s obligation to repay investors)
  • Competent service from their mortgage broker or agent

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Updates & Resources

For updates on proceedings of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, please visit their web site (

For more information on trustees and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA), visit the Ministry of Finance web site.