Amendments to a service provider licence can be made by your principal representative.  

If you need to make an amendment now, please follow the instructions below. 

  • Log in to your FSRA account and select “Request a Change” 
  • Under “What do you wish to do”, choose your respective application 
  • Complete the application and attestation, and submit it to FSRA

Depending on the type of change you are requesting, you may be asked to provide supporting documents. Once your request has been received, FSRA will review it, and may contact you for additional clarification or documentation.

Permitted amendments include:

  • Changing the legal or operating name of your business
  • Changing your principal representative
  • Changing your business ownership type
  • Adding or removing a director, officer or partner 
  • Adding or removing a facility, branch office or location 
  • Changing the address of a principal place of business, or any facility, branch office or location on the licence
  • Cancelling your licence

Exemption for non-regulated service providers

If you have added or removed a non-regulated service provider from your business, you do not need to submit an amendment request.

Changing your business ownership type 

Changing your business ownership type from a Sole Proprietor to a Corporation can only be done online by your principal representative. To file a change, log in to your FSRA account and complete a “Change Business Ownership Type” application. You will need to upload a scanned copy your Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Amendment or Articles of Amalgamation.