Consumer Advisory Panel members

Sharon Altman-Leamen
Anish Chopra
Rhona DesRoches
Hitesh Doshi
Roger Gauthier
Laura Tamblyn Watts

Special guest

Lucie Tedesco

FSRA management and presenters in attendance

Mark White – CEO
Judy Pfeifer – Chief Public Affairs Officer
Erica Hiemstra – Head, Market Conduct – Insurance Conduct
Antoinette Leung – Head, Market Conduct – Financial Institutions and Mortgage Brokerage Conduct
David Bartucci – Director, Policy – Pensions and Consumer Office (Acting)
Sharon Laurie – Director, Communication Services
Jennie Hodgson – Senior Manager, Market Conduct – Mortgage Broker Conduct
Beata Morris – Senior Manager, Market Conduct – Market Conduct HSP
Stevie Madder – Senior Compliance Officer, Market Conduct
Michon Trapman – Web Design Initiatives Lead


  • The Panel and FSRA discussed a number of a distinct items, including FSRA’s efforts to engage consumers.
  • This was the final meeting of the Panel’s 2021 term.

Discussion topics of focus

Welcome and meeting overview

  • FSRA welcomed Panel members to the sixth official Consumer Advisory Panel meeting of the 2021 term.
  • FSRA provided a brief overview of the agenda for the meeting.

Stakeholder survey and reaching consumers

  • FSRA provided an overview of the results from its recent stakeholder engagement efforts.
  • FSRA shared key insights, including areas for FSRA to strengthen its approach to consumer engagement and education.
  • The Panel raised some important topics for FSRA’s consideration.

FSRA’s consumer landing pages

  • FSRA offered an update on proposed content for FSRA’s website.
  • FSRA explained that the goal of the new content is to make it easier for consumers to find, understand, and apply the information they are looking for.
  • Overall, the Panel endorsed FSRA’s direction on this work, including FSRA’s efforts to clearly distinguish between what FSRA does and does not do.

HSP update

  • FSRA provided an update on its supervision of the HSP sector, which included two main updates:
    • Health Service Provider Market Conduct Compliance Annual Report (2020-2021)
    • Health Service Provider Supervisory Plan (2021-2022)
  • The Panel and FSRA discussed the nature and scope of FSRA’s HSP work to help clarify the types of topics that FSRA does not address (e.g., quality of care).
  • Panel members raised considerations for FSRA regarding the types of issues that FSRA should consider in its supervision of the HSP sector.

Mortgage brokering – consumer vulnerability indicators

  • FSRA sought feedback from the Panel on the types of consumer profile data that should be collected from mortgage brokerages to help identify those brokerages that are dealing with more financially vulnerable consumers.
  • The Panel raised considerations for FSRA, including the importance of ensuring that the proposed data are appropriate indicators for financial vulnerability.

Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (PBGF)

  • FSRA provided an overview of the PBGF, FSRA’s management of the PBGF to support sustainability, and recent initiatives undertaken by the government.
  • FSRA and the Panel spoke briefly about the topic of plan supervision.

Panel reflections – preparing 2021 Annual Report

  • FSRA provided a brief overview of its plan to work with the Panel on the Panel’s 2021 Annual Report.

Next steps

  • FSRA committed to following up with returning Panel members about the 2022 term.
  • The Panel’s 2022 term is scheduled to start in early 2022.