The 2019-20 Accessibility Plan of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) outlines the policies and actions FSRA will implement to provide inclusive and accessible services to all its stakeholders.
We are committed to treating all people in ways that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. Building on our legacy organizations’ accessibility initiatives,  we will continue to meet the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility, and by meeting accessibility requirements set out in the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

FSRA’s 2019-20 Accessibility Plan focuses on five key areas:

  • Information and Communications 
  • Employment Standards 
  • Procurement 
  • Training
  • Facilities

I. Information & Communications

Feedback from staff, stakeholders and consumers is an important part of our assessment process. We will continue to build consultation strategies to engage key groups, including those representing people with disabilities. FSRA has met its legislative requirements to date pursuant to the IASR, which include making accessible all new web content as well as new and old websites that FSRA significantly updates. FSRA is not launching any new initiatives in 2019 or 2020 that require consultations with stakeholders. 

Accessible Websites and Web Content

The current FSRA site and any new content or additions are AODA compliant; however, there is considerable work underway as we migrate required content from the websites of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario, which the FSRA site links to. As a part of the migration process, content becomes AODA compliant. In addition, all web postings go through an AODA compliance test prior to posting.
The FSRA site will be further developed and all content will be AODA compliant by the January 1, 2021 deadline.

II. Employment Standards

FSRA will continue to develop and implement employment practices to encourage persons with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of the organization by:

  • identifying and removing workplace barriers;
  • communicating and utilizing inclusive employment processes for recruitment (including commitment to accommodation of applicants with a disability in job postings, invitations to interviews and in job offer letters), and employee development;
  • providing managers with accessibility training, tools and templates to support employee/workplace accommodation and address non-discrimination;
  • performing ongoing reviews of standards and best practices for accessible employment at FSRA and;
  • performing an annual review of the Disability Accommodation policy to ensure any changes to legislation are incorporated.

FSRA is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities work in an accommodating environment and receive accessible goods and services without barriers to access.

III. Procurement

For procurement, compliance with AODA requires that accessibility considerations be factored into the award decision, where applicable. To ensure compliance with this, FSRA’s Procurement approval templates require that AODA requirements be addressed in the approval request. Where AODA issues are identified, FSRA Procurement then works with the procuring department to incorporate those requirements into the procurement document’s requirements and evaluation criteria as appropriate to the circumstance. These templates are used for procurements of all goods and non-consulting services valued at $10,000 or more and all consulting services regardless of value. The FSRA Procurement Policy also clearly indicates that departments must comply with the AODA.

IV. Training

FSRA launched its organization on June 8, 2019 and required all FSRA staff to complete mandatory training within the first 90 days. Effective September 2019, all newly hired FSRA employees are required to complete mandatory training within 30 days of hire on Ontario’s accessibility laws and on the Human Rights Code as it relates to people with disabilities. A formal attestation is required by employees that the mandatory training has been completed and is tracked by the Human Resources function to ensure compliance. Specifically, training is provided through a variety of methods: e-learning module from the Ontario Human Rights Commission on Working together- the Code and the AODA, and e-module from Access Forward Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation Training Module for the Customer Service Standard to meet the training requirements under section 7 and section 80.49 of the IASR 191/11. Other methods include mandatory attestations of completion of Disability Accommodation Policy.
Training is provided in a way that best suits the needs of employees. Through ongoing education and awareness, FSRA gives staff the knowledge and skills they need to meet or exceed compliance requirements. This includes developing alternate formats, hosting accessible meetings and creating documents, processes and policies with accessibility in mind. Future organizational development of an automated Learning Management System will provide auto-generated attestation reports to ensure compliance.

As a part of FSRA’s communication processes, FSRA will be training its team members on how to write and comply with AODA best practices as well as design to meet AODA requirements.

V. Facilities

We will relocate to our new office at 25 Sheppard Avenue in late 2020. Construction on our new FSRA office is currently underway and the facility and space specifications of the office design, including branded signage, are AODA compliant.

Our Commitment

FSRA is committed to continuing to make accessibility throughout the organization a reality. We will continue to identify and remove barriers in order to create accessible spaces and services that everyone can use.

We would like to hear from you

We welcome any comments and suggestions about the manner in which FSRA provides its services, including whether or not our services were accessible to you.

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